Highest and most expensive hotel: Burj al Arab
BURJ AL ARAB, popularly known as the" Sail", is the most expensive and luxurious hotel in the world. There are no regular rooms. All 202 rooms are suites. All rooms…

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Named the best hotels in the world. TOP 10
Experts of the company "Tripadvisor" (TripAdvisor) ranked the best hotels in the world. This list was compiled in preparation for the award" Traveller's Choice "in the category - "Best hotel".…

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10 most expensive suites in the world
How many times have you read in hotel descriptions about "luxury living conditions", "luxury design", "presidential suites"? Often we are talking about the most expensive rooms in the hotel, but…

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The hotel Porto Angeli Rhodes

Vacationers go to Greece for new experiences. In this country, they can gather up a whole cart, because the citadel of myths and legends welcomes guests who want to soak up the sun on clean sea shores, go on a tour of the places where once stood the majestic Hellas, or even a ride on the snow-covered slopes. And if you plan to organize a relaxing holiday by the sea, then take a good look at the hotel Porto Angeli.
Porto Angeli Beach Resort Hotel in Rhodes
The four-star Porto Angeli Beach Resort is located on the island of Rhodes, within the 2nd largest city of Archangelos. Getting here is quite easy, because only 35 km away is the airport of international importance. You definitely will not pass by: the institution with an area of 46 000 m2 is difficult not to notice. The territory of the hotel includes picturesque gardens, countless swimming pools and beaches of Stegna Bay. Continue reading

Luxury in everything: underwater hotel in Dubai

Hydropolis Undersea Resort is an underwater hotel in Dubai and one of the exotic pearls of the Arab Emirates. This masterpiece impresses with its luxury and sophistication and is significantly different from other hotels in Dubai.

Underwater hotel Hydropolis Undersea Resort in Dubai
This hotel is not only one of the most mysterious buildings in the world, but also one of the most expensive. A day’s stay here can cost you about five and a half thousand dollars.

Hydropolis Undersea Resort currently has “10 stars” due to its originality, service and impeccable reputation. The construction cost almost half a billion dollars is located on the beach (in the Persian Gulf). Continue reading

10 best hotels in the world according to World Travel Awards (part 1)

The World Travel Awards has existed since 1993 and is equivalent to an Oscar in tourism. Voting takes place in several stages, starting with online selection and ending with the assessment of a competent jury consisting of representatives of the tourism business, the media and a live audience.

In 2017, the ceremony was held in Vietnam. The whole list of bonuses is quite long. It includes the best airlines, brands and dozens of hotels. We have selected 10 most interesting of them.

1. Leading hotel – the Oberoi Udaipur, India
Where is: Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. Continue reading

8 unusual hostels for overnight stay
To save money, many tourists choose to stay in hostels. It is several times cheaper than renting a hotel room. But if the economy is not in the first place,…


LEGOLAND Florida Resort Hotel – the world of childhood
In the American town of winter haven, Florida, operates an unusual hotel-LEGOLAND Florida Resort Hotel. This is a bright world where both adults and children have the opportunity to relax…


Original hotels. 10 most unusual hotels in the world
1. Berlin Propeller Island City Lodge Each room of this hotel is unique, the design is chosen thematically by the famous interior designer Lars Strother, who introduced the concept that…