The best hotels

The most expensive hotel in terms of construction costs: Emirates Palace (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
The construction of the hotel EMIRATES PALACE, which opened in 2005, cost its owners $3 billion Interiors, finishing dominated by silver, gold and marble, decorated with chandeliers 1002 Swarovski. The…

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10 best hotels in the world for newlyweds
Mendelssohn's March was over, the guests dispersed, the presents dismantled. It's time to relax and celebrate the first days of family life. Honeymoon - an integral part of the holiday…

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The Chinese built a hotel on the site of a coal mine, which competes in luxury with the most pretentious buildings
In China, they create amazing things. First of all it concerns grandiose construction projects. Suffice it to recall the hotel called Shimao Quarry Hotel, which today has no analogues and…

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Largest hotel by number of rooms: Palazzo Resort Hotel & Casino (Las Vegas, USA)

PALAZZO RESORT HOTEL & CASINO, located in Las Vegas, accommodates 8108 rooms. There are restaurants, fashion boutiques and casinos with 139 card tables and 1,400 slot machines. Palazzo Resort Hotel & Casino features a private salon car sales Lamborghini and Koenigsegg; the hotel is traditionally demonstrates the famous Broadway show Jersey Boys. Guests can not only have fun, but also relax: there are swimming pools and hot tubs.

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Highest and most expensive hotel: Burj al Arab

BURJ AL ARAB, popularly known as the” Sail”, is the most expensive and luxurious hotel in the world. There are no regular rooms. All 202 rooms are suites. All rooms are two-storey, and the smallest area – 170 square meters, while the largest – 780 sq. m. the Night in the cheapest room will cost You $ 1,500.

This is the first seven-star hotel in the world, and part of it is a symbol of Dubai. Sheikh Mohammed – the ruler of Dubai realized that for tourism development to his Emirate needed a recognizable symbol. Like the Eiffel tower in Paris or the Statue of Liberty in new York. For this purpose he hired the English architect Tom Wright. The idea to build a hotel in the shape of a Sail came to him by accident. Continue reading

10 best hotels in the world for newlyweds

Mendelssohn’s March was over, the guests dispersed, the presents dismantled. It’s time to relax and celebrate the first days of family life. Honeymoon – an integral part of the holiday of love for two, so you need to plan it no less carefully than the wedding itself.
Ivetta has made a rating of the ten best hotels in the world, which will pleasantly surprise the newlyweds.
Located on the East coast of the Dominican Republic, on a sandy beach, this five-star hotel offers luxury accommodation only. This is a Paradise for newlyweds not only in terms of landscapes, but also thanks to specially designed programs. Continue reading

New York: 5 most expensive hotel rooms

1st place: Ty Warner penthouse Suite located at the Four Seasons hotel
The penthouse is the most expensive Suite in Manhattan. The interior and design of this room cost the Four Seasons hotel $ 50 million. Luxurious penthouse with an area of about 1.5 thousand square meters and offers to its guests panoramic city views, visible from the Windows run from floor to ceiling. Diamond chandeliers are placed on the high ceilings, and the furniture and walls are decorated with real authentic works of art, which were made by world-famous artisans and artists. The price per night in the room is $ 40,000

2nd place: Presidential Suite, located in the hotel St. Regis
The Presidential Suite is known for hosting prominent personalities such as Marilyn Monroe, babe Paley and Salvador Dali. Continue reading

Rest and save: budget hotels in Pattaya

Vacation in Vietnam is becoming more and more popular every year. One of the Vietnamese resorts — Pattaya, where they go for bright impressions and shopping. And of course, you want to spend your savings on this, and not to pay for expensive rooms. Do not worry, budget hotels in Pattaya can be found. Luxury is not here, but the comfort is quite acceptable

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Sawasdee Pattaya Hotel-comfortable, cozy and safe
In the center of the resort is an inexpensive Sawasdee Pattaya Hotel. Home comfort, good location close to places of entertainment, security-the hotel is video surveillance around the clock. It offers a restaurant and an Internet cafe, free time can be spent also playing Billiards. Continue reading

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