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8 unusual hostels for overnight stay

To save money, many tourists choose to stay in hostels. It is several times cheaper than renting a hotel room. But if the economy is not in the first place, and you want to stay in some original institution-we offer you the most unusual hostels from around the world.

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Rua Reidh Lighthouse, Scotland
Do you dream of living by the sea to enjoy its expanses right from the window? Then you should definitely stay at the hotel-lighthouse Rua Reidh Lighthouse, which is located on the North-West coast of Scotland overlooking the Hebrides. There is no Internet, mobile communication and television – it is really “the edge of the earth”. In winter you can see the Northern lights!

Price – from 42.5 pounds per person (Breakfast included)


AmicitiA in Amsterdam (Netherlands)
The amicitia is located in the heart of Amsterdam, opposite the Nemo Museum. It offers accommodation in one of the 17 double cabins. It has furniture, shared bathrooms and even heating; Breakfast is served in the morning. Staying on an old restored ship, you get a great opportunity to observe the panorama of Amsterdam.

Price – from 80 euros per day.


Burg Altena in Aalten (Germany)
Do you want to feel like members of the Royal nobility? Stay at Burg Altena castle, built in the 12th century on a hill. It offers a magnificent view of the valley of the river Lenne and the city. The castle was a military garrison, a prison, and an almshouse. In the early 20th century, the castle was reconstructed and opened here hostel. Burg Altena is believed to be the first youth hostel in the world. There are three-, four -, thirteen-and fourteen-bed rooms.

Price – from 60 euros per day.


STF Jumbo Stay in Stockholm (Sweden)
Absolutely unique hostel STF Jumbo Stay, which is located directly in the airliner Boeing-747 near the international airport Stockholm-Arlanda. And the transfer from the airport is free. Your Windows will face the runway. The room can accommodate beds, a work Desk and even a TV. Breakfast is served from 3 am. There is also a bar on Board the hostel airliner.

The price per bed in a shared 4-bed room – 45 Euro (approximately SEK 438), the number of the jet turbine – 78 euros (722 crown). Breakfast included.


Gyreum Eco-Lodge in Ireland
In the Irish County of Sligo, the 30-metre eco-hostel Gyreum is set amidst spacious landscapes. The hostel is equipped with a filtration system of domestic and wastewater, geothermal heating and wind turbines. You can choose to stay in a separate double room, in a five-bed dormitory room or even book a tent-capsule in the common room.

Prices – from 16 to 27 euros.


HI-Ottawa Jail in Ottawa (Canada)
Do you wonder what it’s like to be in prison? YOU have a great opportunity to feel it for yourself in hi-Ottawa Jail hostel in Canada. The hostel is located in the building of the prison Carleton County Gaol, built more than 150 years ago. You will live in real cells with stone walls and wooden floors – bed linen and lockers are provided. Breakfast is served to all prisoners in the morning. Guests can relax in the shared lounge or read a book in the library. If desired, you can go on a tour of the prison building.

Prices – from 30 canadian dollars (bed in a shared 4 or 6-bed room). For those who want a separate double camera – the cost of 80 canadian dollars per night.


Radeka Downunder-Coober Pedy (Australia)
Radeka downunder hostel in the Australian town of Coober Pedy is located in a former mine at a depth of 6.5 meters underground. The city centre is 200 metres away. This is a place for those who do not suffer from claustrophobia. It’s a creepy place to be honest. Despite the fact that the hostel is underground, there is wi-fi, TV room, gift shop. This is a salvation for those who can not stand the heat – when on the street +45, in Radeka Downunder +26.

Prices – from 40 dollars.


Railway Square YHA in Sydney (Australia)
Another Australian unusual hostel Railway Square YHA is located next to Sydney Central station. The rooms here are railway cars. On-site facilities include a coffee shop, tour Desk, Laundry facilities and even an outdoor pool. There will be no problems with amenities either.

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