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10 most expensive suites in the world
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New York: 5 most expensive hotel rooms
1st place: Ty Warner penthouse Suite located at the Four Seasons hotel The penthouse is the most expensive Suite in Manhattan. The interior and design of this room cost the…

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Original hotels. 10 most unusual hotels in the world

1. Berlin Propeller Island City Lodge
Each room of this hotel is unique, the design is chosen thematically by the famous interior designer Lars Strother, who introduced the concept that any room can change the consciousness of its occupant. So literally feel that the world turned over in one of the rooms of the hotel. It has the name Upside Down and the beds here are placed on the ceiling and the chandelier on the floor. But still, the residents of this unusual room will be able to sleep, but it will be special recesses in the floor of the room.

2. “Jules’ Undersea Lodge” (FL)
This unusual hotel can accommodate only 2 couples in its apartments. Previously, there was an underwater laboratory, which was engaged in underwater research.The laboratory was closed, but it bought two enterprising scientists, they set a goal to realize the fantasy of many fantastic films and books. The hotel is equipped with all amenities for a comfortable stay. There are kitchens, bedrooms, all communications and staff. Scuba diving is required to reach the hotel.

3. Hostel Celica ( Ljubljana, Slovenia)
This hotel is included in the list of lonely Planet guidebook as one of the most fashionable hostels, it is also ranked 25th of the hotels that should definitely be visited in the Rough Guides guidebook. Here at your disposal rooms–cameras with all the necessary attributes: bars on the doors and Windows. There was once a prison, but after the Declaration of independence of Slovenia, it was closed. After some reformation, an exotic hotel was opened, where everyone can experience the unusual sensations of being imprisoned. This hostel is especially popular among young people.

4. Das Park Hotel ( Australia, Ottensheim)
Das Park Hotel

It is unusual in that the hotel apartments here are once converted concrete water pipes. Despite the strict design of the rooms, there is everything for a comfortable stay-a double bed, bedside tables, lighting.

5. Ice Hotel (Sweden)
In Sweden in the town Okkasari you can stay at the Ice hotel. Since 1991, this hotel rekonstruiruet annually and updated through the work of the architect Aimo Rasanen. The hotel uses ice with a total mass of 22,000 tones. Architects, designers and engineers put their work into the construction of the hotel. The result of such a difficult work was about 60 comfortable rooms. Despite the fact that almost everything here is made of ice, the hotel is quite suitable for living. In addition to the rooms in the building there is a bar, a cinema, a Church and an art gallery. And you will sleep on ice beds covered with warm deer skin.

6. Capsule Inn (Tokyo, Japan)
In one of the largest cities in the world – Tokyo for three years operates the Capsule Inn. This capsule hotel is designed in such a way that in one part of it there are public spaces, and the other part is divided into separate capsules in which the hotel guests live. The capsule room is constructed of reinforced plastic, there are all amenities: TV, radio, lighting, Internet, and most importantly a comfortable bed. But other than that, there is no space in the capsule, so here you can only relax, lying in bed and watch TV or listen to music. For such a compact room will have to pay from 24 to 49 dollars per night.

7. Green Magic Treehouses (India)
In India, in one of the villages you can stay in the hotel rooms, which are located high in the trees. The name of this unusual hotel corresponding-Green Magic Treehouses. Staying here at a height of 30 meters above the ground, you feel yourself in a hut surrounded by nature. But unlike a simple tent, the rooms here are luxurious decoration, there is also hot water, telephone. Extreme sports are also available here. The local apartments are made of environmentally friendly materials, but the most important advantage of the hotel is the beautiful surrounding flora and fauna.

8. The Exploranter (Brazil)
If you like extreme sports, go to Brazil in the hotel Exploranter Hotel. Its Creator is 33-year-old extreme lover Flavio Merlo. He realized the dream of traveling to Chile and Argentina in luxury rooms that would appeal to the most pampered customers. The hotel on wheels Exploranter is equipped with everything necessary for living: kitchen, hall and beds. Also exotic is the chef, whose dishes include red ants. This mobile hotel is designed for travelers looking for an unforgettable experience. Here you can ride horses, go rafting, fly in a balloon, go Hiking.

9. Hotel – School McMenemins Kennedy School Hotel, USA
If you want to go back to school for a while, the Portland hotel is located in the school building, built in 1925. The rooms here are equipped with a classrooms, where have all the involving attributes: blackboard, school desks, etc. in addition, there are all conditions for living. There is also a restaurant, a cinema, a small beer factory. But most importantly, here you will not be scolded for skipping lessons and other pranks. You will have to pay from $ 110 per night.

10. Hotel De Vrouwe van Stavoren (Netherlands)
Miracle hotel, created from four barrels of French Beaujolais. As from the barrels it was possible to make the whole hotel “De Vrouwe van Stavoren” – easy, if they have a volume of 14 500 litres. From each barrel were made separate rooms, which can accommodate two people. The decor is typical for the hotel, there is also a bathroom, guest and bedroom. The hotel itself is located in the picturesque port town of Stavoren. To stay in one of the rooms-barrels must pay from 74 to 119 euros per night.

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