The best hotels in the world (part 1)
Choosing the best hotels in the world for even the most reputable travel guides is always complicated by subjective criteria. For example, Traveller's Choice equally appreciates a respectable Switzerland and…

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Dream come true in an underwater restaurant in the Maldives-flippers and mask are not needed
SEA is an underwater restaurant in the Maldives that provides a unique opportunity for lunch or dinner surrounded by stunning marine life. In order to get an unforgettable experience, visitors…

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Rest and save: budget hotels in Pattaya
Vacation in Vietnam is becoming more and more popular every year. One of the Vietnamese resorts — Pattaya, where they go for bright impressions and shopping. And of course, you…

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Where to stay for the night, or Exotic hotels as a separate art form

Hotels are an integral part of the trip, but we do not attach much importance to them. Why? They are expensive, and people go to another country to walk, to evaluate the architecture. But creative people are everywhere, so architects from all over the world have shown their vision of the hotel. And it’s not just a room, it’s a work of art. So, the hotels shown below will surprise you and make you reconsider your opinion about the standard accommodation for the traveler.
1. Attrap’reves Montagnac
The first hotel for nature lovers. In the forest in the South of France in Montignac-Montpezat are “tents”. To be more precise, transparent spheres. The advantage of the hotel is that you can enjoy nature with all the amenities. Insects, damp, uncomfortable sleeping bag, all these problems in the past. Now it’s just you and nature. After all, what could be better than lying under a huge transparent dome on a soft bed and enjoy the beautiful sky and the sounds of nature.

2. Montana Magica Lodge
Then plunge into the fantastic world. In the Bioscience of Wilo-Wilo, which is located in Chile, you can live in the heart of nature. The shape of the structure resembles a volcano, but instead of magma, streams of water flow down the outer walls. Between the stones and grass, wooden Windows can be seen from which the reserve is visible. The entrance to the hotel is on a suspended staircase on the top floor.

3. Icehotel
Sweden. Cold. Ice. But what if you are offered to live in the snow? Agree without hesitation, because the Icehotel in jukkasjärvi is a real work of art. The walls, the bed and the interior are completely made of ice, you will sleep in a special thermal bag. But the uniqueness of the hotel is not even in its design and material, but in the exclusivity of the views. Every year dozens of designers fly to Sweden to create their own unique room. The hotel is rebuilt every season in a new way. Thanks to this, you’ll admire the “ice” design, which no one else will see.

4. Woodlyn Park
“The Lord of the rings,” “the Hobbit” are movies with millions of fans. The main character belongs to the race of hobbits. These little people have their own way of life and customs. They also live in houses that are in the ground. The Northern Islands of New Zealand will provide an opportunity for everyone to feel like a resident of a fantastic world. These rooms are equipped with all necessary amenities. Many of these buildings have been shown in films. Bilbo Begins, Frodo, and Gandalf were in one of them. In addition, you can live in the car of the train in 1918 and inside the combat aircraft-participant of the Vietnam war, in a patrol boat during the Second world war

5. Hotel De Vrouwe van Stavoren
In the Netherlands created a hotel for true connoisseurs of wine. All rooms are four wine barrels of 14500 liters each. Inside are the usual beds. But the charm of the house, which is celebrated by visitors, is in the subtle notes of the aroma of wine. Thanks to this, you will always be in high spirits, but it is better after a rest in this room do not drive.

6. Green Plaza Shinjuku Capsule Hotel
There are many fantastic films about space. In many, astronauts sleep in capsules as they fly through millions of light-years. If you want to experience everything for yourself, then your choice is a capsule hotel. But rather it looks like a hostel of increased comfort. Each capsule has a light, sockets, mattress and curtain, so that no one can see you and you can comfortably go about their business.

7. Montana Magica Lodge
In Vietnam, there is a guest house called “Madhouse”. This name he received for fanciful design. The house resembles a huge tree. Inside and outside of this building there are no corners. All walls, steps and Windows are rounded. This architectural move adds its intangible magic to the house. The creators of this masterpiece were inspired by “Alice in Wonderland”, the vision of the great architect Gaudi and Russian folk tales. A big plus is that it is not necessary to be a hotel guest. During the day, this house lead tourists to whom you can easily join.

8. Cuevas Pedro Antonio de Alarcon

Cuevas Pedro Antonio de Alarcon hotel in Spain. It will help to plunge into the bowels of history. Imagine the fifteenth century, Moors on the run. The Spaniards are pursuing them. But this people found refuge in caves. And this hotel gives you the opportunity not only to visit these caves, but also to live in them. But unlike the XV century, the rooms have all the amenities.
All these hotels are unique in their kind. They not only have a beautiful interior, but also provide a lot of impressions. Each building is unique and has its own special and magical charm that every traveler wants to feel. These hotels give emotions, new sensations and perception of the world. Isn’t that why people travel?

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