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The very first: hotels that made the coup

Today it is difficult to imagine a hotel room that would not have a TV, bathroom and liquid soap. We can book a baby sitter, play Billiards, swim in the pool-and all this right in the hotel.

But before the hotels were very primitive. Further, the hospitality industry began to develop and in the second half of the XX century hotels began to offer conditions of increased comfort, because there was a struggle for the client, and, therefore, it was necessary to attract something such. Who should we say thank you for these or other amenities will consider in our article.

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The Goring Hotel in London-EN Suite bathroom
Besides the fact that The Goring Hotel is one of the best hotels in the world, and is also popular with the Royal couple, she was able to surprise guests in 1910. Then, after renovation, each room was equipped with a bathroom. This has not been anywhere else and the guests gasped, because now you do not need to queue for a shared bathroom

Four Seasons London at Park Lane in London — free toiletries
After 60 years in the private bathrooms of the rooms Four Seasons London at Park Lane, which were not new, on the shelves began to appear toiletries for guests-a bag of shampoo, soap, toothpaste. Such seemingly simple care of the client, and guessed it not at once. By the way, here invariably use cosmetics Roja Dove.


Hilton Hong Kong Hong Kong — mini-bars in rooms
In the early 60s of the last century, the German company Siegas presented the world’s first mini-bar with a cooling system. In 1974, the Hilton Hong Kong hotel became interested in this product — Ken moss (CEO) and Robert Arnold (F&B Director). As an experiment, a mini-bar was installed in the rooms and after the launch, sales of mini-bar products soared by 500%, and losses were minimal – only 5% of the total cost.

Later, in his report at the head office in new York, Ken moss officially announced the introduction of mini-bars in all rooms. In this idea, the management company saw the potential and soon all hotels of the Hilton chain were equipped with mini-bars in the rooms. Other international hotel brands have decided to apply for themselves such an innovation, which remains to this day. By the way, Hilton Hong Kong closed in 1995.

Adolphus Hotel in Dallas, Texas-air conditioning in rooms
The hot and humid climate of Texas has contributed to the hospitality industry. It was here that the Adolphus hotel began installing air conditioning in 1950. It came to our reality no more than 15 years ago.

Boston Park Plaza Hotel in Boston-radio in every room
The twenties of the last century can be called the time of radio. Then everyone listened to him, as it was the second source of information after the Newspapers. And there was music. In 1927, the Boston Park Plaza hotel decided that the radio should be in every room. This was a huge advantage, since not everyone in the house had this “miracle of technology”. Radio today listen to little, and it was replaced by a TV, which is also watched everywhere, including hotels.

Waldorf Astoria in new York-room service 24 hours a day
The Waldorf Astoria is the “most-most” in many things. Here lived (and live) celebrities, there is an underground passage with a railway entrance for special guests, no room does not repeat the design of another (and they are here, by the way, 1232). As for the subject matter of our article, the Waldorf Astoria was the first hotel to offer 24-hour room service.

Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, California-Christmas tree

Located on the Pacific coast, Hotel del Coronado in 1904 decorated the Christmas tree on the street with electric bulbs. Since then, the fashion for Christmas garlands covered the whole world, which creates a festive atmosphere to this day.

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