Dive: 8 hotels with underwater rooms
Travel agents still consider Bali and India exotic places. They don't know yet that the real exotic today is a party underwater among corals and sharks swimming overhead. But soaring…

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Rixos Sharm El Sheikh resort in Egypt
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Dive: 8 hotels with underwater rooms

Travel agents still consider Bali and India exotic places. They don’t know yet that the real exotic today is a party underwater among corals and sharks swimming overhead.
But soaring rays in the water column can be seen only in isolated places. Skyscanner selected 8 hotels with underwater rooms, which made the fiction of literary fiction a reality.

Atlantis the Palm hotel in Dubai

The hotel called “Atlantis” has two luxury rooms, which are named after two ancient gods of the sea: Neptune and Poseidon. The names are ideal for rooms with views of the underwater world. You can imagine yourself the Lord of the seas, enjoying the passing flocks of fish and soaring rays, taking at this time a bath with essential oils.

By the way the most spacious room in the world is also located in Atlantis the Palm.


The Manta Resort on Pemba island in Tanzania
To experience the skin of Robinson Crusoe, you can visit the room immersed in the open ocean at the Manta Resort. The very way to the hotel already gives a lot of unforgettable impressions:

First, the path lies to the island of Pemba, which is located North of Zanzibar;
Then you will be transported to the hotel with a simple raft;
Straight from the raft you will get off to the hotel, like an iceberg drifting in the sea.

The underwater world can be seen from the Windows of the lower rooms. On the roof of the hotel is convenient to sunbathe and enjoy the sea ripples.

About this hotel we have already written in the article: 10 incredible hotels that must be visited

Conrad Maldives Rangali – off Rangali island in Maldives
This hotel may not have rooms submerged in water, but you can watch the sea life during meals in the restaurant, which is located 5 meters below the sea surface. It is called The Ithaa Undersea. Usually vegetarian dishes are ordered here, as it becomes awkward to eat seafood in front of fish.

NIYAMA Per AQUUM Resort in the Maldives
Lovers of night clubs big surprise Subsix. This is the bar, which is located in the hotel Niyama. It stuns not the situation, which here is already worthy of a solid “five”. The fact that the Windows of the bar scurry flocks of colorful fish on a background of coral. They will provide you with an unforgettable evening.
Hotel Utter Inn in Sweden
In Sweden, only one hotel travels in the waters of the lake called melaren, which is located near Stockholm. It’s hard to call Utter Inn a hotel – it’s a hut that has a table and a couple of beds. The only advantage of the room is a view into the waters of the lake, and not into the airspace. But the hut is so popular that to book a pastime in the warm season it is necessary for a few months.

Submarine Lovers Deep in the Caribbean
With his literary works, Jules Verne inspired the creators of the most exotic journey in the Caribbean. The submarine, which bears the name “Lovers Deep”, is a modern” Nautilus”, which is characterized by the absence of a RAM on the bow and paintings by Titian.

The interior of the submarine rooms is always transformed depending on the individual preferences of the submarine travelers. All that will always be the same — it’s just wide portholes located in the bathroom and bedroom.

It must be the most expensive pleasure to cruise on Lovers Deep, as it costs 280 thousand dollars to spend only one day in the boat for two passengers. The price includes food with aphrodisiacs, champagne, chef and Butler. Music and beautiful rose petals for the bed are available upon request.

Lime Spa at Huvafen Fushi in the Maldives
There is only one Spa in the world overlooking the sea and its inhabitants-and it is in the Maldives. Every procedure in it is a ritual that requires detachment from the world. Anyone with at least $ 299 will be able to enjoy the view of the coral reef.

Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, United States
The unique hotel is named in harmony with the name of the already mentioned Jules Verne, who wrote the famous book “Twenty thousand leagues under water.” The uniqueness of the hotel is that you can get into its rooms only through a special hole in the floor. To do this, you need to put on a protective suit and dive to a depth of 6.5 meters.

While hotels with underwater rooms are exotic destinations. Spend time in these suites can only be real lucky. But with the development of this industry of tourism, the enjoyment of the underwater world from the window becomes more accessible. It is predicted that after only 10 years in hotels under water will book tickets in all travel agencies.

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