Luxury hotels in castles-feel like an aristocrat
The hotels located in the historic Royal castles, Ducal manors, the Eastern palaces, like saved the glorious old days. Settling in their apartments, you can feel in the Eastern fairy…

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The most expensive hotel in terms of construction costs: Emirates Palace (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
The construction of the hotel EMIRATES PALACE, which opened in 2005, cost its owners $3 billion Interiors, finishing dominated by silver, gold and marble, decorated with chandeliers 1002 Swarovski. The…

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The most unusual hotels in Madrid
In this article you can get acquainted with the most unusual hotels in Madrid. Each of them has its own flavor, which attracts and surprises tourists. Urban G. L Urban…

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The best hotels in the world (part 1)

Choosing the best hotels in the world for even the most reputable travel guides is always complicated by subjective criteria. For example, Traveller’s Choice equally appreciates a respectable Switzerland and its Grand Hotel Kronenhof and Hong Kong The Upper House. A world Travel Market exhibition along with the legendary Dubai Burj Al Arab calls one of the best hotels in the world St. Petersburg Grand Hotel Europe (Grand Hotel Europe). In our choice, we not only focused on the ratings of Trip Advisor, TopHotels and Booking, but also paid attention to the fact that the legendary hotels usually differ from the standard 5-star hotels.MALDIVES: ANGSANA VELAVARU
Maldives: Angsana Velavaru
In the Maldives go for the pristine beauty of nature in the Paradise style of “bounty”: azure ocean, white sand, calmness and such colors as if reality filtered in instagram and added it to the contrasts. Picturesque places and luxury hotels in the Indian ocean many, but the most beautiful is considered to be the Turtle island in Daalu Atoll — here is the hotel Angsana Velavaru, owned by the world famous company Banyan Tree Group.

Maldives: Angsana Velavaru photos 2
From the beauty of this place you can go crazy — the most virgin territory of the Maldives is almost untouched by tourists. The white sand here is not just white — it’s like snow; blue lagoon glows crystal clear, and villas and bungalows are buried in the greenery of tropical plants. The peace, serenity and tranquility of this place are especially felt thanks to the highest service of Angsana — a brand that knows about Asian luxury what its competitors do not know. A unique town on the water on the edge of the reef creates an atmosphere of soaring over the ocean space, which is equally breathtaking and Sunny day and evening by candlelight. On the island side of the hotel-a classic Maldivian story with private villas in ethnic style, surrounded by greenery, with its own access to the beach, Breakfast with parrots, sitting on the shoulders of guests, and swim every evening rays. On the neighboring island, other private villas are modern, made of wood and glass — two-storey luxury houses on stilts that literally grow out of the water. From each Villa you can immediately get to the coral reef-Angsana Velavaru complex is built in the ocean, where divers from all over the world come to see the amazing beauty of the underwater world of the island state.

Classic Maldives, Angsana Velavaru’s disguised as an ascetic — five luxurious restaurants and private beaches with swimming pools will be a great setting for a honeymoon, wedding or vacation with real relaxation. The best of them — specializing in fresh fish and lobsters Azzurro Restaurant and Bar, where you can sail from the island by boat. However, for lovers and those who want privacy, the restaurant will prepare a luxurious private dinner on the roof of a private Villa – with candles, appliances, waiters and a barbecue brought here to demonstrate the freshness of the fish and the quality of cooking.

Awards: best hotel in the category Indian Ocean’s Leading Diving Resort, World’s Leading Green Resort and Maldives’ Leading Hotel

Bali’s newest hotel The Mulia, Mulia Resort & Villas, built in 2013, surprised even seasoned travelers with its luxury. Like most 5 star hotels, The Mulia is located on the East coast of Bali, in the resort area of Nusa Dua. The creators have moved away from the deliberate Balinese authenticity in the direction of modern classics in the interior decoration and the choice of gastronomic component, and therefore even those who are afraid of Asia with its specificity, it will be nice and comfortable.

Indonesia, Bali: The Mulia, Mulia Resort & Villas
Luxurious rooms with elegant interiors in soothing colors, tropical scenery, swimming pools, gyms and the immediate proximity of the shopping center Bali Collection — words are difficult to convey the extraordinary atmosphere of this hotel, which received almost 100% rating on Trip Advisor.

In addition to the beauty, which is literally discouraging (2 steps from the ocean, the hotel is immersed in the flowers of tropical gardens, fantastic views of the horizon and the Bay), at the height and service: what are the personal Valet services in the presidential rooms. Speaking of presidents. The main advertisement for the hotel was made by V. V. Putin’s visit, and this in itself is an indicator of the highest level.

The best view of Rome opens from the panoramic terrace of the Eden hotel — an exciting sight to enjoy in the morning at Breakfast, and in the evening piano, when dinner is going to the most brilliant audience of the city. It is the picture from the terrace of La Terrazza Dell’eden — the most popular nature for local Souvenirs, and therefore it is here, in the legendary Eden come to watch the fantastic sunrises and sunsets, as well as enjoy the signs of the right luxury, for which the company is responsible for the Dorchester Collection.

Rome, Italy: Hotel Eden
The world’s leading expert in attracting the elite under the arches of their legendary hotels always remembers the main thing — the right location. In the case of hotel Eden, this principle is strictly observed: it is close to the gardens of Villa Borghese, a short walk from the Spanish steps and via Veneto, which is especially favored by a respectable public. By the way, Eden was Federico Fellini’s favorite hotel.

A small Paradise in Rome, as the Italians call Eden, is elegantly unobtrusive in the service: on request, the Concierge will book you tickets for the most private events, and the staff will personally dress and undress your lovely Pets.

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