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15 most unusual hotels in the world

Many tourists, fed up with sightseeing in different countries, say that almost all hotels, especially the network, seem to them the same. The only difference is in the landscape outside the window. But the hotel business does not stand still and every year presents more and more new projects of extravagant and amazing hotels.
This article will focus on the most unusual hotels in the world. The “chip” of such complexes is contained in their original architecture and materials from which they are built, location or service. We hope you will be interested!

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1. Hotel Utter Inn in Vasteras, Sweden
The hotel is located in Westeros, it has only 1 room, and that is lowered 3 meters deep into lake melaren. Once here, your Windows will have a view… of the underwater world of the lake. Of course, not everyone will be able to live here for a long time. But if you want to relax, escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city, Utter Inn is at your service.

2. Gamirasu Cave Hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey
The hotel is interesting for its location inside the rock, and in the lower reaches of the raging mountain river. During the Byzantine era there was a monastic orphanage. It is very harmoniously combines modern design with millennial frescoes. Going out on the terrace, you can meet the shepherdess, who leads the herd. Amazing place!

3. Capsule Inn Kinshicho in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is the busy capital of the world, where accommodation is very expensive, including hotels. Capsule Inn provides guests with a mattress, radio, TV and light. The bathroom is shared with all guests. But if you suffer from claustrophobia-this hotel is contraindicated.

4. Hôtel de Glace in Quebec, Canada
In Quebec, this unusual hotel is built every winter, and all because it is made of ice. 15 000 tons of snow and 5000 tons of ice are spent on its creation. All construction takes 5 weeks. Here guests will find an ice bar and ice cafe, drinks are served in glasses cut from ice. Sleep here in sleeping bags, naturally, on ice beds. And if you want a wedding in the style of the Snow Queen, then this is the best place for such a celebration – because there is even an ice chapel!


5. Hotel De Vrouwe van Stavoren in the Netherlands
This original hotel is located in the port city of Stavoren and offers great views of the ships. But the main feature is that the rooms are in wine barrels, volume 14500 liters.

6. Karostas Prison hostel in Liepaja, Latvia
Karostas Prison hostel is located in a former guardhouse in Liepaja, Latvia. One of the fun that guests are offered here is “conclusion”. Fun dubious, but the lights out from the tourists in the hotel. Besides here and the tour lead.

Malmaison Oxford Castle in Oxford, United Kingdom
Malmaison Oxford Castle is an 11th century castle. 18 years ago, in 1996, there was a Victorian prison. Cameras are preserved to this day, where, in fact, and offer a rest to tourists.


8. Harlingen Lighthouse hotel in Harlingen, Netherlands
The hotel is located on the Harlingen lighthouse. In 1998, the lighthouse was supposed to go on a well-deserved vacation, but he decided to give a second life and built at the top of the hotel, and with a very interesting design in the art Deco style, in red and blue. 360-degree view will give guests a sense of freedom.


9. Dog Bark Park Inn in Idaho, United States
This hotel is built in the form of a dog, its creators are a couple of artists who love dogs. As you might guess, inside the apartment everything is furnished with dogs. You have to realize that for the duration of your stay in the hotel, you will be part of the animal’s head, and you will go to the bathroom… down the drain.


10. Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa in Dubai, UAE
In the middle of the Arabian desert is an amazing hotel-oasis, made in the style of Bedouin Parking. The complex consists of 30 luxury rooms-tents, each of which is equipped with a cooling system. The territory of the hotel is decorated with Antiques and various artifacts from the desert. From entertainment here you will be offered falconry, riding horses and camels on sand dunes, as well as archery.


11. Huvafen Fushi on North Attala male, Maldives
This place is a Paradise on earth. Huvafen Fushi occupies a coral island, consists of 43 bungalows, each of them has its own swimming pool, internal garden, terrace. And there is a huge wine cellar with a restaurant and a chic Spa with a pavilion under the water. Diving, Snorkelling, fishing and even Stingray feeding are all available at Huvafen Fushi.


12. Heritage Tea Factory hotel in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka
Heritage Tea Factory is a former tea factory. Tourists seem to be returning to colonial times. Various factory units can be found in the hotel. The bar is in the packaging shop and the restaurant is in the tea sorting room. Tea Factory adheres to the “green” philosophy-lamps with low power consumption, environmental protection system, noise control. Guests can rent a Bicycle to explore the national Park, the waterfall or the tea plantations.


13. Ariau Jungle Towers hotel in Manaus, Brazil
In the wilds of the Amazon, on the banks of the Rio Negro river is a huge eco-friendly hotel Ariau Jungle Towers. It consists of towers that are above the water on stilts, as well as nests that are located on these towers. And over the Elevator towers built bridges with a length of 8 km. to get here, tourists will have a boat ride through a dense tropical forest.

14. The Imperial Boat House Beach Resort in Koh Samui, Thailand
Coconut island is a luxury hotel with swimming pools. It is built from an old rice barge. If you are a connoisseur of bright Thai landscapes, then go to this hotel-stay here will bring a lot of fun.


15. Das Park hotel in Ottensheim, Austria
The Das Park hotel is located in Ottensheim and consists of drain pipes. The rooms are designed for two, with what is quite comfortable – there is a bed, bedside table and lamp. Of course, you should not expect more from the hotel from the pipes, but the price for accommodation is set by the guest himself.

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