In Chernobyl appeared hostel
Talk about the tourism potential in the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant has been going on for a long time. Today, not only independent tourists go there,…

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Dive: 8 hotels with underwater rooms
Travel agents still consider Bali and India exotic places. They don't know yet that the real exotic today is a party underwater among corals and sharks swimming overhead. But soaring…

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Highest mountain hotel: Hotel Everest View (Nepal)
The world's tallest hotel is located on the world's highest mountain, Everest. HOTEL EVEREST VIEW is located in Sagarmatha National Park, at an altitude of 3880 m above sea level.…

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Luxury hotels in castles-feel like an aristocrat

The hotels located in the historic Royal castles, Ducal manors, the Eastern palaces, like saved the glorious old days. Settling in their apartments, you can feel in the Eastern fairy tale or plunge into the middle Ages.

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Ashford Castle Hotel in Cong, Ireland
In 1939, an ancient 13th-century castle on the picturesque shores of Loch Corrib began to receive guests. The stone walls of the hotel are covered with ivy, luxurious rooms are decorated with paintings of Medieval artists, knight’s armor. There is a wonderful combination of fun from the past and modern recreation: trout fishing, Fox hunting, horse riding, Golf, SPA treatments.

Hôtel de la Cité in Carcassonne, France
The impressive size of the fortress with a thousand-year history for many years to protect the city from enemies. Now its walls reliably protect hotel guests from the eyes of ubiquitous tourists. Breakfast homemade cakes at small tables, which are located in the shade of the alleys of the wonderful garden, you can admire the views and feel yourself in medieval times.

Hrubá Skála in Turnov, Czech Republic
From the top of the cliff, where the castle-hotel is located, offers a charming view of the reserve “Czech Paradise”. Since its construction in the 14th century, the castle has experienced many events. Now it is a wonderful four-star place for privacy with cozy rooms, wonderful Park and surroundings. The effect of immersion in the past, guests can feel the costumed balls.

Efendi Hotel in Akko, Israel
On the streets of acre, in the mansions of the Ottoman Empire settled boutique hotel, on the restoration of which experts worked for several years. As a result, they have preserved the stone walls of the Crusader era, they have equipped a wine cellar. The 4-century Turkish bath, ancient frescoes and ceiling moldings were restored. It offers magical views of the Mediterranean sea and the city.

The estate Marino in Andrianovo, Russia
The patrimonial estate Stroganoff — Golitsyn in the vicinity of St. Petersburg — two centuries. The magnificent mansion, which had long been in disrepair, was meticulously restored from old photographs. Now, from the luxurious rooms with tapestries, silks and paintings, guests enjoy views of the English-style Park with picturesque bridges and ponds.

Vestibul Palace in split, Croatia
Built in honor of Diocletian, the Roman Emperor, this hotel is located on the territory of the Palace complex, which consists of three palaces. The combination of antiquity and modernity can be seen in the brick walls of Roman times, in the interior in the style of minimalism, in the furniture made by hand. The austerity of the interior is balanced by soft light penetrating through the glass roof of the lobby.

Mir castle in town Mir, Belarus
In a legendary Gothic 16th-century castle was held jousting tournaments, the princely receptions, intrigued. Now this architectural monument is available to all. In the hotel castle complex for a dozen rooms welcome guests. After visiting the castle, you can stroll through the picturesque surroundings, shoot a crossbow or bow, dine in the restaurant of Belarusian cuisine.

Freixo Palace Hotel in Porto, Portugal
The hotel is a Baroque Palace complex from the 13th century Freixo and in the nearby former factory building, where once used to grind flour. In Freixo has a restaurant, SPA, lounge, reception. And in the factory building — all 87 rooms of the hotel. From its Windows you can admire the Douro river, the luxurious Freixo.

Romantik Parkhotel Wasserburg Anholt in Isselburg, Germany
Fairy castle Anholt stands in the middle of a Park lake. In the most luxurious part of the castle there is a Museum with collections of paintings, porcelain from China and Japan. Also to the attention of guests — rare books in the library and a wonderful Park with lakes, zoo, Golf courses.

Palazzo Viviani — Castello Di Montegridolfo Rimini, Italy
The majestic castle of the 13th century, which survived the feuds of the nobility for the right to possess it, today welcomes guests. In the main Palace there are luxurious suites, in the old part of the fortress — cozy apartments, and for lovers of privacy — Studio rooms near the garden and double rooms next to the pool with a wonderful view of the hills and the Adriatic coast.

Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur, India
The coast of lake Pichola is so densely built up with ancient palaces and villas that some palaces are located on small Islands of the lake. Among them, the most gorgeous-snow-white “lake Palace”. For centuries it served as a government summer residence. And since the mid-20th century-it is a beautiful hotel with a Royal entourage: servants in turbans, at the entrance-showering with rose petals, in the heat-fanning. Tale!

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