Trip to tel Aviv: where to stay
When traveling to tel Aviv, it should be borne in mind that this city can not be classified as cheap. This statement applies to housing. Of course, you can choose…

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The largest hotel room in the world
Country records recognize Arab Emirates: tallest building, the deepest tunnel, pneumatic fastest roller coaster... According to trends the largest hotel room belongs to the Arab Emirates. The Royal Bridge Suite…

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The Bristol hotel: leisure in Warsaw-the Royal
Known for its impeccable reputation, Hotel Bristol is located in the heart of Warsaw, the so-called Old town. It is one of the most exclusive and cozy hotels in the…

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10 hotels to visit

The next 10 hotels are worthy and should be included in the list of places to visit in life. They, as they say, you can visit and die happy. Not everyone has the opportunity to go there, but today we at least look at these places…
1. Manta Resort in Zanzibar
This fabulous resort is located in the remote North-Western part of the island of Pemba: white sandy beach and crystal water. The Manta Resort has 17 suites with great views, a large swimming pool and a beautiful garden area. But one of the most catchy features is the amazing floating underwater Room, in which the bottom of the rooms is under water. Imagine the view from its Windows!

If you are looking for a place for romance, then Manta Resort is the perfect choice, as the resort is considered one of the best beaches for family or secluded holidays in the archipelago of Zanzibar.


2. Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland
If you are lucky enough to visit Finland, visit the Igloo Village Kakslauttanen hotel in Lapland. This is one of the most innovative and expensive hotels. The complex includes 20 separate” huts ” made of glass, where you can watch The Northern Lights directly from your bed.


3. Ladera Resort in St Lucia
Ladera Resort is truly a unique hotel in Saint Lucia, it consists of 32 beautiful villas. Almost every Villa has rooms with three walls, so there is a stunning view of the twin mountains Gros Python and Petit Python. There is an open-air restaurant, a swing over a lagoon-shaped pool and, of course, the beaches of the Caribbean sea.


4. Astarte Suites Hotel in Greece
Astarte Suites is located in Greece-Santorini, it is famous for its amazing outdoor pools and SPA services. Being here, you will feel complete harmony with the world around you.


5. Rayavadee Krabi Thailand
Rayavadee Krabi-hotel “lost” right on the beach surrounded by jungle in the town of Krabi. Almost every photo from this complex can be put on the desktop, or framed and hung on the wall. It is a stunning location and great comfort.

There are 100 rooms and bungalows. Treat yourself to drinks and snacks at the beach bar, visit the SPA and sunbathe by the outdoor pool.


6. Conrad Maldives on Rangali island, Maldives
The peculiarity of the hotel Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is that it is located on two Islands connected by a bridge. It offers spacious villas, underwater rooms and impressive Maldives beaches. Almost every Villa on the water or not has 4 walls, panoramic Windows, wide arches or sliding walls. Not only that, you can directly from the bedroom to dive into the water, here you can soak in the Jacuzzi, well, or just in the bath, where 4 people will fit. Recommended at least a photo to look at, it is something!


7. Panchoran Retreat in Bali, Indonesia
Lovers of unity with nature, it is worth paying attention to Panchoran Retreat, which is located right in the forests of Indonesia. The hotel is built of eco-friendly materials, and the design of the rooms corresponds to the theme of wildlife. Here you will find hanging terraces, spacious and cozy bungalows and gazebos right in the jungle, panoramic pools over wildlife.

If you ever wanted to visit Robinson Crusoe and Tarzan, but in a comfortable environment (just the same chic), this place is perfect.

8. Hotel Ubud Hanging Gardens in Bali, Indonesia
This is another Indonesian hotel located on the banks of the river Ayung. From the luxurious villas in the Balli style you will be able to observe not only the amazing scenery, but also the unusual panoramic pools. By the way, there are 3 restaurants serving Asian and French cuisine.


9. Dedon Island Resort, Dapa, Philippines
On a remote island fishing village nestled hotel Dedon Island Resort between ancient mangrove forests, white sand and crystal clear waters of the sea. Indescribable beauty of nature, a variety of flora and fauna, impeccable villas – you can write about this place for a long time, but it is better to visit it once.


10. Äscher Cliff Restaurant, Switzerland
Äscher Cliff Restaurant is perhaps the best place in Switzerland. It offers a breathtaking view of the mountain scenery. Having arrived here, you will understand that before you saw nothing more beautiful.

As my grandmother used to say, it is impossible to comprehend everything, but one must strive for it. In General, if you need to spend money on this holiday. Explore the world with us. Enjoy your travels!

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