The hotel Porto Angeli Rhodes
Vacationers go to Greece for new experiences. In this country, they can gather up a whole cart, because the citadel of myths and legends welcomes guests who want to soak…

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The Chinese built a hotel on the site of a coal mine, which competes in luxury with the most pretentious buildings
In China, they create amazing things. First of all it concerns grandiose construction projects. Suffice it to recall the hotel called Shimao Quarry Hotel, which today has no analogues and…

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Highest and most expensive hotel: Burj al Arab
BURJ AL ARAB, popularly known as the" Sail", is the most expensive and luxurious hotel in the world. There are no regular rooms. All 202 rooms are suites. All rooms…

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The most unusual hotels in Madrid

In this article you can get acquainted with the most unusual hotels in Madrid. Each of them has its own flavor, which attracts and surprises tourists.

Urban G. L
Urban G. L-can be called the most unusual hotel in all of Madrid. And all because in its walls there are exhibits embodying the culture of the tribes of Papua New Guinea. These are priceless artifacts! And the most interesting thing is that you can look at such a wealth almost everywhere-expositions of objects placed in the lounge, the age of many more than a few hundred years. Even in the guest rooms there are expensive paintings, sculptures and other masterpieces.

But the most valuable artifacts are stored in special boxes of thick glass-fragments of stone carving, as well as rock paintings. This art is several thousand years old!

Silken Puerta America
This hotel is a perfect combination of comfort and original design. All 12 floors of Silken Puerta America were designed by twelve different architects, who were invited from different parts of the world. As a result, each floor is made in its own unique style: snow, space Odyssey and so on.


The cost of living here is very high. The most expensive room designed by Jean Noble, and covers an area of 60 sq. m. Almost all walls are mobile and customers themselves can design functional areas.

Eurostars Madrid Tower
This hotel is easy to find without a map-because it is located in SyV. And this is a skyscraper, the height of which is 235 meters. Eurostars Madrid Tower is one of the tallest structures, so you can see it from afar.

There is especially like tourists that have a weakness for great views, because the panoramic Windows in the rooms extend from floor to ceiling. Thus, an impressive landscape is guaranteed to residents. But these Windows are not only in the residential rooms-they are also equipped with a restaurant that is on the 30th floor, and even a gym. In total, the hotel has 450 rooms, which boast calm cream and coffee shades.


Dormirdcine Hotel
This hotel is one of the thematic, which is not so much. It was built in the area of Salamanca, famous for its color. Due to the fact that this hotel is dedicated to cinema, it has a lot of unconventional solutions in terms of design. This is evident in the original furniture, portraits of actors, made in black and white, cartoons painted on the walls, and in the rooms of residents expect the latest issues of world-famous magazines and comics.


The highlight is that each issue is dedicated to a separate, famous film. So fans of detective stories, thrillers, comedies and other genres will find a room to taste.

Hotel Único Madrid
This hotel is captivating proximity to nature, and in the truest sense. Like an oasis in the hot desert, in the courtyard of the hotel Único Madrid stretches landscaped garden, in the shade of which guests can escape from the bustle of Madrid streets, dust, heat, screams and everything else. The garden itself is furnished with luxurious furniture-it can perfectly relax. Palm trees, together with other exotic trees and plants are amazing.


Gourmets can also satisfy their needs by going to the Ramon Freixa Madrid restaurant, located right in the hotel. His reputation, backed by two Michelin stars, is beyond doubt.

Room Mate Mario
It’s a place for young people. No bored of all the classical solutions is not in sight-only the extravagant decor! Everything is done in the style of avant-garde-original lamps in the rooms, illumination in the corridors of the hotel, illuminating frames in the rooms, replacing the traditional headboards – all this is in the Room Mate Mario.

All the furniture is not just white, but snow-white, and still extremely soft. And the most interesting thing is that this hotel is considered a budget!

NH Las Tablas
This hotel is striking not for its interior decoration, and exterior. The building in which it is located, more like a creation of man, and a simple and huge piece of stone.

The interior is dominated by 2 materials-metal and glass. It is made of them a significant part of the interior decoration. A glass atrium is the highlight of this original institution. However, the list of services provided by the hotel is not quite standard. NH tables offers free access to the gym and Wellness centre for the duration of your stay.

These original, eccentric and very unusual in the center of Madrid like not everyone, so you can stay in a more traditional hotel Exe Puerta Castilla, Hotel Convention, Clement Barajas, Auditorium Madrid Hotel Nuevo Boston, and others.

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