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Hostel accommodation: useful tips

For lovers of inexpensive rest, due to rising prices in hotels, an indispensable option is the hostel. Many still refer to such an institution as a bedbug, but this is a great opportunity to arrange a budget and fun trip. After all, then most of the money can be spent on excursions and entertainment.

What is a hostel-features and benefits
Translated from English word Hostel means hostel, camp site, hotel, Inn. Here you will find cheap accommodation and will be able to cook in the shared kitchen. Standard rooms in the hostel can accommodate from 4 to 16 people. There are rooms for two, but they will cost you more. Bathroom in the hostel is provided for General use.

In all countries, this type of hotel is popular among students. Firstly, hostels are quite safe and include the necessary minimum for a comfortable stay. Secondly, they are really cheaper than standard rooms and most of the money can be allocated for cognitive rest and entertainment, especially if it is planned to return to the hotel only for the night. Third, they are perfect for a large company. And fourthly, well, not dead yet in the” students ” craving for adventure and everything new, and the romance of knowledge overshadows the inconvenience of the lack of a soft feather bed, free shower gel, Butler at the entrance, and even the presence of snoring from a roommate.

In General, if you really want to see the Louvre, walk for hours in Paris, and perhaps Prague, Venice, Florence, Amsterdam, Rome, Madrid, and many other cities of your dreams, the hostel can be for you a successful component of a wonderful trip.

For those who have no experience of living in a hostel, we can suggest 11 important rules:

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1. Get away from prejudice
You need to immediately understand the truth-any hostel in Europe is a clean and cozy place where cultural people live. It doesn’t need to be compared to a bad Dorm.

Accommodation in the hostel
Photo: chrisgold

2. Know the basics of English
Since the hostel is an international place, it can relax tourists who do not know your native language. Housing sites where low prices, discounts and promotions are used are not usually translated into Russian. Therefore, in any of the options is to restore the knowledge of the school curriculum. On the pronunciation don’t have to worry.

3. To stay in the hostels on the recommendation of the
This information is always available on the Internet. On the proven sites you can see a lot of reviews and opinions of other residents who will help to make a decision during the selection of the hostel. Also important will be the comments of your friends and acquaintances, who can always be trusted.

Photo: mustha

4. Take care of housing in advance
This condition becomes especially important in the summer and on the eve of the new year holidays. Circumstances can be good, and you will immediately find the right place. But it happens that there is a situation when all the good options are already occupied, and before leaving a few days. In this case, the most important thing is not to panic and not to be upset. You will definitely come across the right hostel.

5. Choose a convenient location
Priority are hostels located in the city center or on the main tourist roads. This will save time on excursions and reduce transportation costs.

Photo: jpmenicucci

6. Compare prices for accommodation
This is one of the main rules of the tourist who has chosen as housing hostel. The price may depend on the number of residents and the popularity of the place. Therefore, after reviewing several options, you can easily determine the choice. Compare prices for accommodation in a hostel with the cost of rooms in hotels located nearby. Even in the most exclusive hostel places should not be more expensive than a room in the hotel. This principle should not exclude the previous points: the hostel should be located in the tourist center of the city.

7. Check availability of WI-FI zone
In today’s world of technology, most of us are not able to leave a laptop even when traveling. You need to view your email, chat with friends and report your Affairs to your parents. Most often, WI-FI is a free service, but it may not be connected. Therefore, this should be clarified in advance.

Wi-Fi in the hostel
Photo: fotografm

8. To maintain care for the security
Citizens of other countries can stay in the hostel except you. Each of them has its own national traditions, so care will not hurt you. Personal belongings should be placed in a safe or locker, the key to which should be only you. Violations of the rules in the hostel you can always inform the administration. But do not exaggerate the controversial situation and treat with suspicion to each guest.

Cohabitation in the hostel
Photo: nomadsweb

9. Do not panic in force majeure
In any journey, there can be trouble. In case of emergency situations, try to always remain calm, even if your personal interests are hurt. You should inform the administrator about the problem and ask him to do everything possible to solve it. For example, you may need a room that matches the description on the website or the opportunity to move to a more peaceful room. At the first opportunity, the administration will satisfy your requests.

10. Sociability and friendliness
Almost every person who visits another city, even for a short time, there is a need for social communication. The hostel, like nothing else, will be able to satisfy you in this. It is possible that you will make new friends here, where you will stay on your next trip. The staff will also be able to tell you a lot of useful information.

The atmosphere of friendliness in the hostel
Photo: nomadsweb

11. Atmosphere in the hostel
The hostel is not only a building for living, but also a place with a special atmosphere that you are sure to feel for yourself. To understand the exact meaning of this you can, when you find yourself in the company of good-natured tourists from all countries after a long walk around the city, and in the bar for you to sing and play for free a local rock band.

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