Hostel accommodation: useful tips
For lovers of inexpensive rest, due to rising prices in hotels, an indispensable option is the hostel. Many still refer to such an institution as a bedbug, but this is…

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How to Install Windows Sun Screen Frame?
Hostel accommodation: useful tips
For lovers of inexpensive rest, due to rising prices in hotels, an indispensable option is the hostel. Many still refer to such an institution as a bedbug, but this is…

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"Starred" hotels in Egypt will be reviewed
Travelers and experts in the field of tourism have repeatedly drawn attention to the fact that the quality of service of Egyptian "fours" and "fives" does not correspond to similar…

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10 unique atodorov world

What do we dream about when we go on a trip? About unforgettable impressions, distant countries, magnificent sights, and even about where we will be pleased to stay for the night. And the more unusual and colorful this place will be, the stronger will be the impressions of the trip.

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Ryokan — the Japanese art tradition
Ryokan is a traditional Japanese hotel, but is also found in other Asian countries. Staying in Ryokan, you immediately plunge into the amazing atmosphere of old Asia. As a rule, the rooms are quite spacious and not loaded with interior items, of all the usual European furniture in the room can be a low table. Instead of a bath you will find a common bath ofuro, and have to sleep on the tatami. Of course, such housing may not please everyone. In Ryokan you can stay only for one night and then stay in the usual hotel of Japan of European type.


A tree house is not a fantasy
If you are lucky enough to travel to Papua New Guinea, then surely you will want to stay in one of the most amazing houses. Such housing is currently building the members of the korowai tribe, which can accommodate a family of 12 people! Settle in this tribe can not only ethnographers and jungle explorers, but also ordinary tourists. Today you will be offered more durable and comfortable tree houses than traditional caravans.

Yurts in the vast Tien Shan
From may to September the Kazakh nomadic herdsmen set these yurts. Traditional felt yurts with all carpets and blankets are installed manually. Inside the Yurt is very warm and comfortable, even during frosts. Thick felt perfectly keeps the heat from a small stove installed in the middle of the house. The beds are thick mattresses laid directly on the floor.

Chum — visiting the Nordic herders
Today in modern Scandinavia, no one lives in the chums, but the residents with great pleasure and love to build them not only for themselves but also for tourists. For many of the Saami plague function as summer house or various outbuildings. Traditional plagues consist of straight and rounded beams, the dwelling can have a round or polygonal shape. Modern chums have Windows, benches, and a fireplace in the center.

Ice hotels, Igloo — building Snow Queen
The mere thought of cracking frosts and ice makes you shiver, not to mention spending the night in an ice house! Once Igloo was the traditional home of many peoples of Scandinavia, but today ice hotels are built only for tourists. Most of these unusual apartments are built in Switzerland, Scandinavia and even Romania. As a rule, guests sleep in sleeping bags, taking there a phone, a change of clothes and what should be warm in the morning. Due to the sharp contrast of temperatures, sleep in this room is great, and in the morning all guests will find a hot sauna.

Trulli — peasant housing of the Italians
Trulli is a great option for exploring the traditional housing of Italian peasants. Today you can not save on comfort, but once the Trulli were considered the homes of the poorest people. These houses have a round shape with thick walls and a conical roof. Choose Trulli for living is best in the summer, because of the design features it is difficult to warm up. But in the summer Trulli will be a great place that saves from the heat.

Moroccan tents
Traditional Moroccan tents have long served as homes for African nomadic Berbers. Sleeping in a tent relies on mattresses and pillows spread around the hearth. Modern luxury tents built for tourists have real beds and chairs, but Berbers always sit only on the floor. At night, the tent canopy tightly closed from the cold air, and the hearth perfectly maintains a comfortable temperature inside.

Hotels-castles of France
Today, many tourists have the opportunity to rent a real castle or even a Palace. Many owners of such housing have been engaged in this practice for a long time because such a large and majestic structure requires considerable costs for its maintenance. The price will directly depend on whether you take it whole or several rooms. In addition, the location of the Palace plays a significant role. Of course, these apartments will interest you no less than other attractions.

Houses of the Azores
Houses located on the Islands perfectly fit into the surrounding landscape. All of them are small and painted in white, which is combined with black basalt. The interior is striking with a huge amount of light and a large size of the premises.

Imakane — traditional huts of the Zulu
Traditional Zulu huts seem at first glance impregnable from the outside. Houses without Windows, the floor of a mixture of manure and sand, and sometimes the walls are made of the same composition. But do not be afraid, modern imitations of Zulu huts for tourists have all the amenities.

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