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On the trails of your favorite movies: hotels from the movies

Would you like to visit the hotel where your favorite movie was shot? It’s real! Of course, often films are shot with the help of scenery. For example, in the film “Grand Budapest”, which shows the hotels Gellert (Budapest) and Bristol Palace (Karlovy vary), we see only models of these hotels. But many hotels from the movies are absolutely real and here you can book a room, feeling like a Hollywood star!
Today, on our travel blog, we offer you an overview of the hotels where the sensational films were shot. You will learn in which hotels agent 007 rested, where they took “Interview with a vampire” and in which hotel Kerry Bradshaw from “Sex and the city” spent time with her lover.

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Fairmont San Francisco, San Francisco, United States
Located on top of Nob, Fairmont San Francisco is the tallest building in San Francisco. From its balconies you can see the Golden gate bridge, the Transamerica pyramid and Angel island. The first person to make a film here was Alfred Hitchcock, it was “Vertigo.” Since then, the Directors have chosen the hotel, using it as a springboard for their film scenes.

The following films were shot at Fairmont San Francisco: “the Rock” with Nicolas cage and Sean Connery, “Junior” with Arnold Schwarzenegger, as well as the films “how will it turn and respond”, “midnight lace”, the series “Detective Nash Bridges” and “she wrote the murder”.

Timberline Lodge, Oregon, United States
In a cozy hotel Stanley Kubrick filmed his “shining” on the book by Stephen king. According to the owner of Timberline Lodge, he persuaded the Director to change the room ” 217 “to” 237″, which is not in the hotel. The host was worried that guests would no longer want to live in the “mystical” room, and if you read a book or watched a movie, then the fears will be clear to you. But, oddly enough, learning that the film was shot in 217 rooms, from those wishing to settle there is no end.

Fontainebleau Miami Beach, Miami beach, United States
Hollywood stars are very fond of the hotel complex Fontainebleau Miami Beach, which is located right on the coast of the Atlantic ocean. The pool of the hotel “lit up” in a huge number of films. For example, in Scarface, the character played by Steven Bauer shares with al Pacino how to win women. Here Sean Connery Golden-haired beauty did massage in the movie “Goldfinger.”

In addition to the above paintings, the famous “Bodyguard”was also shot here.

Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Beverly hills, United States
Luxurious five-star hotel, where the heroes of “Beauty” — Edward and Vivien had fun. This hotel hosted such celebrities as Elton John, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Barack Obama and, you will not believe, the Dalai Lama. So there is a possibility, staying in a hotel, to meet with your favorite star. But to settle in the room where the heroes lived “Beauty” will not succeed – their suite was the scenery built in the lobby of the hotel. Also in Beverly Wilshire Hotel filmed the series “Beauties” from 2004 to 2011.


Sidi Driss, Matmata, Tunisia
Remember Luke sky Walker’s home on Tatooine? Now, this is the usual Berber dwelling in Tunisia, which was built a few centuries ago. In 1977, When star wars was filmed, only the inside of Sidi Driss was used, and the exterior was filmed 300 kilometers from the structure. In total, the hotel has five “pits” – four rooms are equipped for guests, and the same room Luke is a restaurant. Sleep you will not be able to, but for lunch – please.

In Sidi Driss filmed: “Star wars. Episode II: attack clones”, ” Star wars. Episode IV: New hope”.

Park Hyatt Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
Park Hyatt Tokyo is a chic hotel with panoramic Windows overlooking mount Fuji and Shinjuku. It was here that miss Johanson heroine Scarlett in “lost in translation”. This place is perfect to have a romantic adventure. Shinjuku Park Tower, where the hotel is located, is the second tallest building in the capital of Japan. Sofia Coppola likes to stay in Park Hyatt Tokyo, perhaps it was the place itself that inspired her to create the picture, which was awarded an Oscar.


Chateau Marmont, Hollywood, United States
Apparently the Director Sofia Coppola loves hotels and makes them not just a location for shooting, but real characters. Chateau Marmont-Hollywood hotel, similar to a French mansion. 6-year-old heroine of the film “Somewhere” finds here his father, a musician.

Britney Spears, Greta Garbo, Jim Morison stayed at the hotel. The group Red Hot Chilli Peppers recorded at the Chateau Marmont their immortal hit song “By the way”. And Leonardo DiCaprio often threw parties here.

Grandhotel Pupp, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
An elegant hotel in the popular resort of the Czech Republic, which pretended to be a Montenegrin Splendid in an episode of the movie “Casino Royale”. Grandhotel Pupp has a very rich history – “Saxon hall” – the first building of the hotel, was built in 1701. Here everything speaks of those luxurious times – rich stucco, crystal chandeliers, ceiling with stained glass, made according to the sketches of Alphonse Mucha. There’s even a concert organ. In 1812 Beethoven gave his concert here.

Grandhotel Pupp is also the shooting took place the film “Last holiday” and “Shanghai knights”.

Hôtel Plaza Athénée, Paris, France
Nice and luxurious Hôtel Plaza Athénée, located on Avenue Montaigne in Paris, hosted many celebrities – johnny Depp, Jacqueline Kennedy, Michael Jackson. Could not ignore the hotel and the creators of the series ” Sex and the city.” It was here that journalist Carrie Bradshaw lived with her Russian fiance in the last series. The views of the Eiffel tower from the Windows of Plaza Athénée will impress every girl.


Melia Hotel de la Reconquista, Oviedo, Spain
The historic hotel, every corner of which is riddled with history, is loved by the Spanish Royal family, as well as Director woody Allen. The film “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” takes place allegedly in the capital of Catalonia, in fact, the hotel is located in the Spanish province of Ovedo. This place is famous for its beautiful pre-Romanesque churches, delicious cider and the Gothic Cathedral of San Salvador.


Oak Alley Plantation Bed & Breakfast, Vacari, La, USA
You have repeatedly been able to see an oak alley of 28 century-old oaks, which seemed to grow together with their branches, forming a beautiful arch. The mansion was built in the XIX century and is made in the neoclassical style. This place became the home of the heroes of the mystical film drama ” Interview with a vampire.”

Oak Alley Plantation Bed & Breakfast is open for visitors. Guests can stay in cottages right on the plantation of the mansion.

Two more pictures were also shot here: “Long hot summer”and” Basic colors”.

Caesars Palace and Bellagio, Las Vegas, United States
These two hotels are a five-minute walk from each other, they are the favorite locations of many Directors. For example, on the roof of Caesars Palace the main characters of “bachelor Party in Vegas” drink jaegermeister, and then begin their adventures. And ocean’s friends from the movie “ocean’s 11 friends” having done their business, enjoy the fountain and the views of the Bellagio hotel. Dustin Hoffman in” rain Man ” won money in the Caesars Palace gambling hall, and George Clooney braved the casino owned by Bellagio.

In these hotels, the following pictures were shot: “Once in Vegas”, “bachelor Party in Vegas”, “Godzilla”, “ocean’s 11 friends”, “rain Man”, “21”, “Iron man”, “Unbearable cruelty”, “rush Hour-2”.

The Savoy, London, United Kingdom
On the banks of the Thames is a chic hotel the Savoy, its rooms are designed in art Deco and Edwardian style. Frank Sinatra and Winston Churchill used to stay here. The hero of the film “Notting hill” in one of the halls of the hotel made Anna an offer right at the press conference. And their wedding was filmed in a beautiful garden, by the way, opposite another hotel-Henry VIII.

In addition to Notting hill, the Savoy made the following films: Long good Friday, Treasure of the nation: the Book of Secrets, the Woman of the French Lieutenant, the Trap.


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