10 most expensive suites in the world
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Hostel accommodation: useful tips
For lovers of inexpensive rest, due to rising prices in hotels, an indispensable option is the hostel. Many still refer to such an institution as a bedbug, but this is…

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The best Budapest hotels-luxury holidays in Hungary
What attracts tourists to the glorious capital of Hungary Budapest? Healing mineral springs, majestic architecture and warm hospitality. Visiting Budapest at least once, you will always remember this unique city…

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LEGOLAND Florida Resort Hotel – the world of childhood

In the American town of winter haven, Florida, operates an unusual hotel-LEGOLAND Florida Resort Hotel. This is a bright world where both adults and children have the opportunity to relax in the magical world of the legendary Lego.
Fifty three million two hundred four thousand four hundred eighty nine
Do not step on the detail
Surely every parent knows the feeling when you step on a piece from a scattered designer. So, on the territory of the hotel there are 2000 LEGO models made of 2 million parts. Seven models are animated; the dragon guarding the entrance is particularly impressive – it is made of 400,000 pieces. Entering the room, guests will also be surprised-the reception wall is decorated with 6000 small figures!

Fifty three million one hundred sixty five thousand four hundred fifty two

Life in Lego style
The five-storey building has 152 rooms-all of them are designed for families with children. Room styles are made in the series: “Kingdom”, “Pirates”and ” adventure”. In each room kids will find a surprise-a treasure chest, but you can open it only after passing the quest, the job is hidden throughout the room.

The premium rooms have an area with children’s bunk beds, themed Wallpaper, two TVs and, of course, Lego models.

For entertainment, the hotel has a games area. Here, for example, you can see how a huge ship with pirates trying to dock near the interactive castle. There is also a stage where different performances take place every evening.

Breakfast and dinner can be enjoyed at the family-run restaurant, which serves buffet meals. A small lounge area offers snacks and drinks throughout the day. There is also a panoramic cafe Skyline, which offers views of the Lego city. From here you can watch funny scenes from life, for example, as the hostess struggles with a Turkey that wants to escape from her oven.

Seventy nine million nine hundred sixty three thousand nine hundred sixty eight

To cool off from the heat, guests have the opportunity in the seasonal water Park with an outdoor pool, attractions and slides. And at the waterfront near lake Eloise hidden among the trees surprises for kids.

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