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The best hotels in Jurmala

No wonder Jurmala is considered the pearl of the Baltic coast. Because of its clean beaches, soaked in the gentle pine scent, bask vacationers. This is understandable if you remember that as many as 30 kilometers of beaches stretching on the coast, have a “Blue flag”, and this indicates the highest level of service, purity of water and sand. The beaches themselves are quite wide (up to 200 m), so they rest thousands of tourists. In addition, it is here that the best hotels of Jurmala are located. However, in hotels there is no shortage – there is everything from inexpensive options to elite five-star. Average accommodation prices range from 30 to 130 € per night.

Jurmala: the most prestigious hotels in Latvia
Not only natural resources in the form of amazing beaches, healing mud, mineral water, as well as the Baltic air are the property of the resort. It is also a lot of hotels with a variety of conditions.

Those who love sports, be sure to go to the area Lielupe – the center of sports tourism. The only caveat-there is often going to a lot of visitors, so it is better to be safe and book a room in advance.

There is also a hotel Lielupe, whose location-4 hundred meters from the beach, on the coast. All 217 rooms are equipped with safes, TV, balconies and bathrooms. There are a tennis court and a sauna as well as Bicycle rental. The restaurant is dominated by European cuisine. Very close to the water Park.

If you are interested in a cheap hotel-at your service 2-star hotel Concordia, in the area of Majori (Bank of the river Lielupe). There are 14 rooms with satellite TV, refrigerator, loggia, etc. There is Internet, barbecue area and sauna. The beach is a quarter-hour walk away.

SPA hotels in Jurmala
Such institutions offer a very wide range of services – from cryomassage to Hammam baths. And it can be independent salons, and centers at hotels.

Hotel Jurmala Spa 4* is perhaps the most popular Spa hotel in Jurmala. Location-300-400 m from the Gulf of Riga. It has 190 rooms. It offers guests light treatment, hardware treatment, massages, bubble baths and more.

Pegasa Pils 4* – this hotel is located in the heart of Jurmala, and to the beach to go very close, and to Dzintari (concert hall) – even less. This spa hotel has 38 rooms, most with balconies. Car and Bicycle rentals are also available.

Baltic Beach Hotel 5* – Spa center of this hotel is one of the largest on the continent, in addition, the complex is included in the official register of medical institutions. Accommodation is possible in one of 165 rooms. The improvement is due to more than 4 hundreds of treatments: climatotherapy, hardware procedure, clay treatment, etc. you can Also swim in the pool filled with sea water (healing).

Amber Spa hotel has 40 rooms, but each has a Minibar. They are all equipped with a bath and a TV. The restaurant offers both national and vegetarian dishes. The beach is 150 metres away and the centre is a 15-minute walk away.

Hotels with swimming pool-convenience for vacationers
Almost all local hotels have a swimming pool, so the question is only in the size and the water it fills. For example, Baltic Beach has two pools – with simple and healing sea water (the latter-indoor). But amber boasts a swimming pool with an outdoor terrace. Hotel Jurmala Spa is also not deprived of a swimming pool. The same applies to SemaraH Hotel Lielupe-the pool has two water cascades and jets of hydromassage.

In General, the best and most expensive hotels in Jurmala are located in the areas of Majori and Dzintari. Celebrities often stay here.

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