Rest and save: budget hotels in Pattaya
Vacation in Vietnam is becoming more and more popular every year. One of the Vietnamese resorts — Pattaya, where they go for bright impressions and shopping. And of course, you…

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In Chernobyl appeared hostel
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"Starred" hotels in Egypt will be reviewed
Travelers and experts in the field of tourism have repeatedly drawn attention to the fact that the quality of service of Egyptian "fours" and "fives" does not correspond to similar…

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Luxury in everything: underwater hotel in Dubai

Hydropolis Undersea Resort is an underwater hotel in Dubai and one of the exotic pearls of the Arab Emirates. This masterpiece impresses with its luxury and sophistication and is significantly different from other hotels in Dubai.

Underwater hotel Hydropolis Undersea Resort in Dubai
This hotel is not only one of the most mysterious buildings in the world, but also one of the most expensive. A day’s stay here can cost you about five and a half thousand dollars.

Hydropolis Undersea Resort currently has “10 stars” due to its originality, service and impeccable reputation. The construction cost almost half a billion dollars is located on the beach (in the Persian Gulf).


You won’t lose your place on this site
Features and infrastructure of the hotel
The unusual shape of the hotel is filled with even more unusual content. Almost half of the building is under water, and you can enter only through an underwater tunnel. From the shore sent a special transport that delivers visitors directly to the lobby. From here you can get to various hotel complexes and rooms (there are only 220).

The hotel Hydropolis Undersea Resort can be called a whole sea city. It has everything: shops, children’s playgrounds, clubs, boutiques, salons and many other entertainment and trade enterprises. Amaze with its elegance two elite restaurants located on the territory of the hotel complex. For guests of the hotel every evening arranged concerts, shows, receptions.

Fascinating view and Windows
When you are here, you can forget for a moment that you are in a hotel under water. But, one has only to look at the Windows, and instead of the usual sunlight You will see flocks of fish swimming past in the blue azure of the water. Everything seems so fragile that sometimes it becomes scary. It seems that you can break the glass and the whole mass of water will break inside.

But, there is absolutely no reason to worry — all materials are heavy-duty and tested. The hotel is even equipped with an anti-missile system, so you are even safer inside than outside.

Architecture of the above-water part of the hotel
The surface of the hotel is shaped like an alien invasion — several disks are connected by three powerful supports and are connected by tunnels. At the top of the hotel complex is a landing area for helicopters, gardens with unusual plants, swimming pools and parks.

It is difficult to describe in words all the luxury and subtleties of the hotel under the Hydropolis Undersea Resort — all you need to see with your own eyes. Undoubtedly, after visiting such a fabulous place, impressions will last for the rest of your life! Therefore, it is worth to spend at least one night in the hotel, if you allow financial means. And if in our world you can imagine a place where all modern technologies, design innovations and supernatural service are collected, then this place will be Hydropolis Undersea Resort.

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