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10 best hotels in the world for newlyweds

Mendelssohn’s March was over, the guests dispersed, the presents dismantled. It’s time to relax and celebrate the first days of family life. Honeymoon – an integral part of the holiday of love for two, so you need to plan it no less carefully than the wedding itself.
Ivetta has made a rating of the ten best hotels in the world, which will pleasantly surprise the newlyweds.
Located on the East coast of the Dominican Republic, on a sandy beach, this five-star hotel offers luxury accommodation only. This is a Paradise for newlyweds not only in terms of landscapes, but also thanks to specially designed programs.

Romantic excursions and secluded beaches, and if you want to marry according to local customs, the hotel staff will organize a chic ceremony. The hotel is famous for its wonderful gastronomic restaurants, its own wine cellar with a rich wine cellar – a great opportunity to enjoy the intoxicating drinks of love.

Undoubtedly, the newly made husband and wife will be delighted with the personalized service – for each vacationer in the hotel there are two employees of the hotel. So here certainly all your whims will realize.

Bellagio hotel and casino are located in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA). Immediately after arrival at the airport in Las Vegas you will be met by “one-armed robbers”, clicking unforgettable coins. Las Vegas is also called the garden of pleasure and the nest of Vice. Than not an ideal place for the first family days!

If you or your partner is not yet 21 years old, then you at nine o’clock in the evening will be asked to leave the premises of the club or restaurant, but, despite the strict rules, will be married without any red tape, on demand – in the chapel with a neon sign. In this regard, it is in Las Vegas that millions of Americans and Europeans come to spend their honeymoon here.

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“Bellagio” – one of the most expensive hotels in the world, its design corresponds to the famous Italian resort on lake Como. In the hotel building there is a room of a game hall. In addition, there are 40 separate houses, six open water bodies, four springs, two dozen restaurants and eateries, as well as two chapels for weddings.

The attraction of the hotel is an art gallery, the cost of which is estimated at $ 300 million. It contains paintings by such great artists as Degas, Picasso, Cezanne, Goya, El Greco, Monet, van Gogh. One of the world’s best hotels for a gambling couple receives guests from all over the world, so it will be something to chat with neighbors.

This hotel is suitable for newlyweds who set the highest bar for rest and are ready to raise it even more in Fiji. Mangroves and coconut groves, white beaches and a blue lagoon with coral gardens – all this is a private island, where there is a hotel complex of 14 bungalows, settling in one of which, happy newlyweds will live in complete harmony with nature, like Adam and eve in the garden of Eden.


This wonderful hotel, located on the exotic island of Jamaica, specializes exclusively in the organization of holidays for newlyweds and couples.

Here reign the laws are All inclusive, which can be everything from tennis to food and drinks without restrictions. The first-class restaurants and bars, tanzhalle, entertainment programs and shows intended to bring lucky forgot about everything and plunged into the world of Caribbean tales.


The famous resort hotel in the Peloponnese, on the Mediterranean coast – is a favorite holiday destination for newlyweds. The exclusive complex is hiding in the ancient fortress of Akronafplia, built by the ancient Romans, which is located 140 kilometers from the Greek capital of Athens. The hotel has 84 rooms, including 33 villas, each designed individually, 48 standard rooms, luxury rooms and three family suites with sea view rooms in the main building.

From the territory of Nafplia Palace offers a charming view of The argolid Bay and the miniature fortress of Burji, which, like a small ship, frozen in the water 450 meters from the shore. A wonderful place for a romantic getaway that will make worthy to join the family life and feel all its charm.


Without exaggeration one of the best in Cape town, this hotel is located next to the picturesque harbour at the foot of Table mountain, one of the symbols of the city. The interiors of One & Only Cape Town are decorated in a luxurious modern style, combined with African motifs. The rooms are located in two buildings-the seven-storey Marina Rise and the Island building, located on a separate island surrounded by water.

Here you can walk around naked like the biblical Adam and eve! It also includes the largest Spa Cape town city centre (1200 m), where there are individual villas for procedures that can be taken together.


Unique hotel-Villa, located in Malindi, on the shores of the Indian ocean. The Villa was built by the famous Manager of “Formula 1” Flavio Briatore as a private house, but a few years ago he decided to turn it into an exclusive hotel, which was immediately chosen by the stars of show business and newlyweds from around the world.

The architecture is felt Arab and Indian influence, organically combined with African tradition. Seven luxury suites, seven spacious superior rooms and two single rooms are located in the Central part of the Villa and three adjacent buildings.

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The Villa is located in a huge Park-guests of each of its parts feel in a completely private and free environment, and several swimming pools complement the atmosphere of an exclusive private Villa.


The hotel is considered one of the best for honeymoons on the French Riviera. Opened in 1910, it immediately became a favorite holiday destination of the world elite, and once stayed here members of the Russian Imperial family and European Royal houses, financial and industrial magnates, brilliant celebrities from the world of art.

Charlie Chaplin, Pablo Picasso, Liza Minnelli, Tina Turner, Elton John, George Bush, bill Clinton visited the Grand-Hotel. So if you want to tell your grandchildren that you spent your first family vacation in a place where the world elite visited – this is a great option!

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