The best rooftop bars in new York
New York is a city with recognizable panoramas, a dream city, a city where many people want to go to live or at least once to visit here. In this…

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Dive: 8 hotels with underwater rooms
Travel agents still consider Bali and India exotic places. They don't know yet that the real exotic today is a party underwater among corals and sharks swimming overhead. But soaring…

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Highest and most expensive hotel: Burj al Arab
BURJ AL ARAB, popularly known as the" Sail", is the most expensive and luxurious hotel in the world. There are no regular rooms. All 202 rooms are suites. All rooms…

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Oldest hotel: Hoshi Ryokan (Komatsu, Japan)

One of the many attractions in Japan can be considered NOSNI RYOKAN-located in the city of Komatsu in Ishikawa Prefecture hotel and Spa, which has an impressive age of 1291. The hotel has been run by the same Japanese family for a record 46 generations.

For the first time its doors Noshi Ryokan opened back in 718, when China only invented gunpowder, and in the East the Byzantines and Bulgarians fought for the former territory of the collapsed Roman Empire. According to legend, the location of the underground hot spring, next to which is located Noshi Ryokan, its founder opened the mountain spirit. But Shi Ryokan survived the rise and fall of samurai, ninjas, many Japanese emperors and two world wars.

Today, the HOTEL is designed for 100 guest rooms; its main advantage is a few large baths, water which comes directly from the hot spring. Hotel rates start at $ 580, which includes Breakfast and lunch.

The most exclusive hotel: Aria
The most exclusive hotel: Aria (Prague, Czech Republic)
Prague HOTEL ARIA is recognized as a leader among the world’s luxury hotels in the rating of the travel server Tripadvisor. The best hotels were selected in various categories, and the results of the study were included in the list of Traveler’s Choice – 2009. Hotel Aria captivated travelers romantic atmosphere of Prague’s Mala Strana quarter and an unusual find of the creators of the hotel: in its design, one of the leading roles is given to music.

Each floor of the HOTEL has a special sound, and guests are invited to choose in which musical direction to arrange their own stay – jazz, Opera, classical or modern music. The interiors of the hotel were created by famous Italian designers Rocco Magnoli and Lorenzo Carmelini.

Each room has a music and DVD library, CD / DVD players, a computer with Internet access and an iPod. From the hotel, guests can descend directly into the Vrtbovska garden in the Baroque style, the site says CzechTourism.

The most expensive hotel room: Royal Villa, Grand Resort Lagonissi
Most expensive hotel room: Royal Villa, Grand Resort Lagonissi (Athens, Greece)
The cost of a night of the most expensive room in the world – ROYAL VILLA in the Athens hotel Grand Resort Lagonissi-is $50,000. It features a personal Butler, chef and pianist. It features a Spa pool with views of the Aegean sea, a marble bathroom, a spacious dressing room and a private terrace.

The entertainment program of Grand Resort Lagonissi includes a tour of the Greek Islands on the hotel’s own plane.

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