10 most expensive suites in the world
How many times have you read in hotel descriptions about "luxury living conditions", "luxury design", "presidential suites"? Often we are talking about the most expensive rooms in the hotel, but…

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Luxury hotels in castles-feel like an aristocrat
The hotels located in the historic Royal castles, Ducal manors, the Eastern palaces, like saved the glorious old days. Settling in their apartments, you can feel in the Eastern fairy…

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Secluded tree house – the perfect place to stay, from which you do not want to leave
In Italy, there is an amazing hotel that offers its guests an unforgettable stay among the branches of a huge tree surrounded by endless lavender fields. For some, living in…

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Benelux countries

Top 3 hotels in Barcelona with 5 stars

Are you going on a trip and the first city where you plan to stay will be Barcelona? Welcome to a beautiful, interesting city full of impressions and emotions. It is difficult to get bored, because it offers guests and tourists-a lot of attractions and monuments. To make your stay the best, we recommend you to choose one of the five-star hotels located in Barcelona.

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Arts Ritz Carlton
In the TOP-e is a cozy 44-storey complex Arts Ritz Carlton, the leading hotel in the city. Its modern appearance and unique view in the shape of a shell made the hotel famous throughout Europe. Continue reading

Tune Hotel Taiping — new low-cost hotel in Malaysia

Another budget hotel in Malaysia is ready to receive its guests.

In South-East Asia, there is a wide demand for complexes of the hotel chain Tune Hotel, working on the principle of low-cost, which is identical to the service parameters of low-cost airlines. The founder of Tune Hotel is the head of the budget airline AirAsia, located in Malaysia. It currently unites 43 hotels around the world, including the UK, Japan and Australia. Recently, the city of Taiping hosted the opening of the next, fourteenth, hotel Tune Hotel Taiping.
As in all hotels of the network, the new Tune Hotel Taiping offers its visitors a good location in the Central area of the city, the presence in the room comfortable beds with snow-white sheets and the opportunity to take water treatments. Continue reading

Water Park in pärnu Tervise Paradiis hotel & SPA

If you want to relax in pärnu and spend this time with maximum health benefits in the relaxation center, then you definitely should stay in Tervise Paradiis & SPA-hotel in the beach area of the city. This hotel complex provides services in the form of relaxing and therapeutic procedures.
Services at Tervise Paradiis water Park
In this center is the largest water Park in Estonia, which can simultaneously be 7 hundred people. Water Park in pärnu offers active entertainment for every taste-jumps, slides, artificial rivers and waterfalls, climbing wall and much more! Even winter does not interfere with the outdoor pool, as it is heated. In addition, there are whirlpool baths, saunas, baths, Aqua bar, etc. Continue reading

"Starred" hotels in Egypt will be reviewed
Travelers and experts in the field of tourism have repeatedly drawn attention to the fact that the quality of service of Egyptian "fours" and "fives" does not correspond to similar…


10 best hotels in the world for newlyweds
Mendelssohn's March was over, the guests dispersed, the presents dismantled. It's time to relax and celebrate the first days of family life. Honeymoon - an integral part of the holiday…


The best Budapest hotels-luxury holidays in Hungary
What attracts tourists to the glorious capital of Hungary Budapest? Healing mineral springs, majestic architecture and warm hospitality. Visiting Budapest at least once, you will always remember this unique city…