Character of new York at the Standard High Line
According to the idea of architects, the Standard High Line should fully reflect the character and temper of new York. And today it is perhaps one of the most stylish…

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The best hotels in the world (part 1)
Choosing the best hotels in the world for even the most reputable travel guides is always complicated by subjective criteria. For example, Traveller's Choice equally appreciates a respectable Switzerland and…

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Original hotels. 10 most unusual hotels in the world
1. Berlin Propeller Island City Lodge Each room of this hotel is unique, the design is chosen thematically by the famous interior designer Lars Strother, who introduced the concept that…

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combining ideas

The Bristol hotel: leisure in Warsaw-the Royal

Known for its impeccable reputation, Hotel Bristol is located in the heart of Warsaw, the so-called Old town. It is one of the most exclusive and cozy hotels in the Polish capital. Warsaw is infinitely rich in unique attractions, most of which are close to this conveniently located hotel.

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Location advantages, Hotel Bristol in Warsaw’s Old town
The old City was built in the XIV century, but much of it was destroyed during the fighting of the Second world war. However, hardworking and persistent poles were able to restore and literally recreate the destroyed part of the city on the surviving plans, drawings and photographs found. Continue reading

Milan’s fairytale hotel Château Monfort

Beautiful boutique hotel Château Monfort in the center of Milan is guided by the principle of creating a real fairy tale for its visitors. The clothes of the staff are decorated in the style of various fairy-tale characters, and the restaurant and other rooms create the atmosphere of a real magic Palace for a charming Princess.

Château Monfort is located in the immediate vicinity of the fashion district and Piazza San Babila. It was opened in 2012 and has become a great holiday option for those people who came to Milan for a short time and wants to feel like a real fairy tale.

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Airbnb and Pantone have created the greenest hotel in the world

Airbnb, an online property rental platform, has teamed up with the Pantone colour Institute to create an unusual green hotel in London. Its main concept is environmental friendliness and getting rid of boredom. The inspiration was the shade of 2017 Greenery — “fresh greens”.

As you know, every year the color legislators-the Pantone Institute-announce the hue of the season. It becomes the center of attention of designers and stylists. The color of this year is Greenery, which symbolizes a new life.
Inside the hotel everything is the same as on the street-green trees, shrubs, ferns, succulents and even a wigwam. If you are tired of winter and crave brightness-this hotel will save you from the melancholy. Continue reading

10 most expensive suites in the world
How many times have you read in hotel descriptions about "luxury living conditions", "luxury design", "presidential suites"? Often we are talking about the most expensive rooms in the hotel, but…


Rest and save: budget hotels in Pattaya
Vacation in Vietnam is becoming more and more popular every year. One of the Vietnamese resorts — Pattaya, where they go for bright impressions and shopping. And of course, you…


The most expensive hotel in terms of construction costs: Emirates Palace (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
The construction of the hotel EMIRATES PALACE, which opened in 2005, cost its owners $3 billion Interiors, finishing dominated by silver, gold and marble, decorated with chandeliers 1002 Swarovski. The…